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Born and raised in Honolulu Hawaii, Shannon was always fascinated with business and economics. He later enrolled at the famed University of Indiana at Bloomington. He majored and graduated with three different degrees in: business, economics and sociology.

A keen observation of the growing industry in food service and catering gave Shannon an idea to establish his own company after working with several industry giants. He then founded the now famous Sushi Supreme catering service and Gokujo Sushi take out retail systems. Strategically he then partnered with Chef Grant Kawasaki who implemented a professional marketing strategy and a unique world fusion "hybrid" culinary system.

Today Shannon is the head of two of the busiest sushi retail locations in Honolulu. He heads the Gokujo Sushi retail take-out system locations in Marukai Wholesale Mart on Dillingham Blvd, and in the Ward Farmers Market Marukai Marketplace. He is also the co-chair and partner of Global Foods, Inc. and Sushi Supreme. Plans for several take out and conveyor sushi franchise locations are being planned, along with statewide sushi catering services and the highly anticipated salad dressing products from their new company Paradise Dressings Hawaii. Chef Shannon is also the newly appointed Director of Sushi Catering with Hawaiian Grown Catering and is Senior Executive VP/Corporate Partner with the new sushi retail chain, Hanapa'a Sushi Company.